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raffaella gregoris


During my career as a chemist in different laboratories, I always wondered why insert ineffective ingredients that are also harmful to the skin such as preservatives, colorants, petroleum derivatives, surfactants ... All items unsuitable and harmful to the skin, that are not able to offer any benefit to the skin, but rather, increase the risk of incurring problems of sensitization or allergic true.
From there we started to trace the outlines of the idea: why not create products composed of only active ingredients. Thus was born Bakel.
To date, after fifteen years of business, we can claim the distinction of having a list of ingredients (INCI) totally transparent. And to those who ask: "what's in the products Bakel?" We answer: "100% active ingredients, Zero useless substances".
firma gregoris
100% principi attivi

The beauty and its key elements.

Bakel is a simple idea, but strong and innovative, based on the preparation of products made exclusively from active principles, selected from the best raw materials.
This renunciation of everything superfluous is a novelty, a departure from the traditional cosmetics to the benefit of the results. The products contain only ingredients Bakel effectiveness scientifically proven by University, Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons, which bring real benefits to the skin.
modella filosofia bakel

What makes BAKEL products unique?

The selection of raw materials "top quality" with effectiveness scientifically proven by universities, Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons, which bring real benefits to the skin, with the aim of creating treatments dedicated to health and beauty of the skin.

The absence of preservatives, colorants synthetic fragrances, petroleum derivatives, silicones, alcohol, PEG, PPG, heavy metals, and other useless substances potentially allergenic for the skin.

The countless benefits those only active ingredients can make while penetrating the skin.

The constant research and the respect of high quality standards to offer only products really effective, that respect the natural composition of the skin.
zero sostanze

0 useless substances, 10 key benefits.


Our products are exclusively formulated using ingredients that can be fully absorbed by the skin and have been dermatologically tested.


Our packaging point out the complete list of the ingredients (INCI) along with the explanation of the action performed by every single component of the formula.


To design BAKEL’s cosmetics we make sure only to use the purest and top-quality raw materials.


Our products have minimal risk of allergies since they are free from substances such as perfumes, alcohol, colorants and preservatives.


Since BAKEL’s products do not contain preservatives, they clearly state the expiry date.


BAKEL’s cosmetics aim to effectively counteract the principal mechanisms of skin ageing. In our formulations, main ingredients provide great benefits that have been proven by studies and tests.


Thanks to their properties, BAKEL’s products can be safely used on the face, eye area, eyelids, lips, neck and décolleté.


Using exclusively active ingredients, you can obtain the best result with less product, thus avoiding any waste.


Being gentle to the skin, BAKEL’s products can be used also after dermatological treatments or plastic surgery.


BAKEL chooses not to use animal derivatives in the formulas and to strongly stand against animal testing: for this reason, we do not export our products to those countries where this practice is still allowed by the law.

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