Multi-active Renewing Serum
Face, Neck and Décolleté. Not to be applied around the eye area.
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Charm Size - 10 ml
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EVEN-PERFECTOR is a multi-active renewing and anti-ageing serum that acts against the slowdown of cellular turnover and sebum imbalance. Its 8 clean active ingredients minimise skin spots, black heads and enlarged pores, guaranteeing, after a few days of application, a smoother skin with a better complexion while reducing skin-thickening and re-balancing sebum production.


8 Ingredients = 8 Benefits

Aqua/Water W= Hydrating
Glycerin V= Hydrating
Ammonium Hydroxide S= pH Regulator
Malic Acid V= Renewing, anti-ageing
Mandelic Acid S= Exfoliating, anti-ageing
Hydroxyethylcellulose V= Humectant
Tartaric Acid V= Exfoliating, antioxidant
Salicylic Acid S= Exfoliating, renewing

V Vegetal source
W Sterilised and demineralised water
S Synthesis


Apply in the evening by gently massaging the product from the bottom upwards, from the inside to the outside of the face, until completely absorbed; avoid the area around the eyes and lips. The possible tingling sensation in the first days of application is normal due to the renewing action of the product.

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