Intensive 6 Day Treatment for a Smooth & Radiant Skin
Face, Neck and Décolleté
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6+6 single use sachets + 2 x 3 ml each
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The superior efficacy of BAKEL RENEW-SKIN and BAKEL THIO-C, anti-ageing treatments -that provide immediate improvements to the natural beauty of the skin-  has now been combined in a brand new treatment kit, BAKEL RADIANT SKIN BOX. An essential must have, easy to apply and with an instant effect. The properties of the pure active ingredients of BAKEL RENEW-SKIN and BAKEL THIO-C are enhanced in the synergistic use: the result? Flawless skin in just 6 days.

RENEW-SKIN is a biphasic anti-ageing treatment with a renewing effect. The acid wipe eliminates dead cells and stimulates cell renewal. The next step with the basic wipe restores the physiological pH, rebalancing the skin and helping to reduce blackheads and enlarged pores.

THIO-C is a revitalizing, illuminating and anti-ageing serum. Glutathione and Vitamin C act in synergy reducing wrinkles and giving firmness to the skin, restoring freshness and vitality to the face.


RENEW-SKIN: ACID WIPE: 5 Ingredients = 5 Benefits

Tilia Cordata Flower Water V= Soothing
Citric Acid V= Brightening, anti-ageing
Malic Acid S= Renewing, anti-ageing
Sodium Hydroxide S= pH Regulator
Salicylic Acid S= Renewing, anti-ageing

RENEW-SKIN: BASIC WIPE: 2 Ingredients = 2 Benefits

Helichrysum Italicum Flower Water V= Antioxidant, soothing
Sodium Bicarbonate S= pH Regulator

THIO-C: 6 Ingredients = 6 Benefits

Hamamelis Virginiana Water V= Soothing, antioxidant
Ascorbic Acid V= Antioxidant,  glowing
Glycerin V= Hydrating
Glutathione B= Antioxidant, glowing
Hydroxyethylcellulose V= Emollient
Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate HCl V= Emollient

V Vegetal source
S Synthesis
B Biotechnological source
V Vegetal source


In the evening pass the acid wipe -1- evenly over the clean and dry face. Wait for it to dry. Then pass on to the basic wipe -2-. Avoid the area around the eyes and lips. Do not rinse. Use daily for thickened, mixed and oily skin; on alternate nights for thin skin that needs renewal. The possible tingling sensation when passing the acid wipe and of heat and redness when passing the basic wipe are normal because of the renewing action of the product.

Remove the ring cap, lifting the tongue, press the red dispenser containing the pure vitamin C powder all the way down, shake well until the powder is completely mixed with the liquid phase, remove the cap and apply the pipette. Use morning and evening within 3 days of activation by gently spreading the product until completely absorbed. Store away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
The possible presence of staining in the solution does not affect its effectiveness.

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