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Face, Neck and Décolleté
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RENEW-SKIN is a two-phase age-defying treatment that acts against the slowdown of cellular turnover and sebum imbalance. The acid wipe removes dead cells, gently exfoliates skin, stimulates cell renewal and provides brightness. The basic wipe restores the physiological pH of the skin, giving it balance and reducing blackheads and enlarged pores. Its 7 clean active principles perform an effective anti-ageing action that gives the skin a more even complexion and a younger appearance.


ACID WIPE: 5 Ingredients = 5 Benefits

Tilia Cordata Flower Water V= Soothing
Citric Acid V= Brightening, anti-ageing
Malic Acid S= Renewing, anti-ageing
Sodium Hydroxide S= pH Regulator
Salicylic Acid S= Renewing, anti-ageing

BASIC WIPE: 2 Ingredients = 2 Benefits

Helichrysum Italicum Flower Water V= Antioxidant, soothing
Sodium Bicarbonate S= pH Regulator

V Vegetal source
S Synthesis


In the evening pass the acid wipe -1- evenly over the clean and dry face. Wait for it to dry. Then pass on to the basic wipe -2-. Avoid the area around the eyes and lips. Do not rinse. Use daily for thickened, mixed and oily skin; on alternate nights for thin skin that needs renewal. The possible tingling sensation when passing the acid wipe and of heat and redness when passing the basic wipe are normal because of the renewing action of the product.

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